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The range of English courses for adults is very diverse

Due to the wide range of offers, the options can become very confusing, which makes the search for the right language course in England more difficult for adults. Take advantage of our advice and benefit from this wide range of services. We choose the perfect course for you, no matter if you want to improve your English privately or if you are looking for a Business English language course.

Most language courses take place on an ongoing basis, which means that you can start at any time of the week. All schools test your language level on site and assess which course level is best suited for you. We pay attention to a balanced mix of nationalities – because neither many German native speakers should dominate at school, nor is it good for the learning climate if there are disproportionately large groups with a different mother tongue at school. The aim of an English language course in England for adults is a holistic learning experience – this is the great advantage of English courses in Great Britain, the country of origin of the language.

In addition to lessons at the language school, you can also improve your language skills in the leisure program or with your host family. Ideally you speak and hear English all day long and make the language an everyday tool that you simply use without fear – and feel comfortable at the same time. Language courses start as early as one week, but a stay of at least two or three weeks is recommended, because then the learning success is significantly greater.

Many language schools offer discounts for longer stays or in the low season outside the summer. Take a look at our current offers for a language course in England for adults or simply contact us!

We can also offer English language courses combined with a rich cultural leisure programme for adults over 50 who wish to have an audience of their own age. Learn more about our English 50+ program.

With our advice you will find the language course in England for adults that suits your wishes!