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The world of tech has made it possible for us to learn on the go. Anyone with a smart device can now turn any free time into some educational time. We’ll keep you posted on some of the greatest educational tools and resources out there right here.


You won’t have any trouble getting your vocab memorised with this great tool! You’ll have access to a great variety of languages to learn from, including languages from Lord of the Rings.


Duolingo is considered to be the most popular language apps among all the dozens out there. It offers intuitive learning games that will help you master any of the wide range of languages offered here.

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is your go-to app if you want to master conversational skills. These are taught by using real scenarios as topics like travel, law and love. They cover everything, from grammar to pronunciation.


This app helps you learn a new language by using real footage videos with subtitles. Simply load a video, read the subtitles, and pause if you need help. This site is great for learners of any level.


MindSnacks is cleverly built to use games that help learners learn a new language. Each game is short and sweet and focuses on different skills within the target language that you are learning.

Be sure to check in on our tools page regularly as we keep it fresh and updated with the latest tools as they are made available.

Contact us if you have any suggestions or would like some assistance on using any of these great tools.