Monday, April 15, 2024



Fluency in language makes a career easier, even if the vocabulary is rather general. It is even better, however, if the technical terms flow as easily from the tongue as the standard phrases in everyday life. Various industries, from commercial to technical, have their very own language.

This also applies to the growth industry of online casinos. Although the main emphasis thereby lies on the software, humans cannot be done without. Especially at live tables, where flesh and blood dealers run the games and also communicate with gamblers via chat, first-class language skills are a prerequisite because every word and every instruction counts. Anyone running an online casino depends on employees being able to express themselves as precisely as Sherlock Holmes does when questioning witnesses.

This is also important in administration. The EU has strict guidelines for licensing and controlling online casinos, and correct interpretation is a must. To ensure that consumers really play it safe when choosing from the many providers, the trustworthiness of online casinos available in the region is regularly tested and evaluated by, among others. To ensure this, employees with the necessary language skills are also required in the administration and legal departments. There are currently 24 official languages recognised in the EU, with an emphasis on English, French and German. English and French are also the most important languages in the casino sector, with terms such as roulette and poker, which are often adopted as fixed terms in other countries.

The increasing multilingualism, in addition, “Eindeutschung” of words and idioms makes itself besides in marketing noticeable, whereby the trend goes ever more toward social media. When a star or influencer posts a picture on Instagram, tweets about a hobby, his new car or event, or shares a story on Facebook, the message arrives. And social media can also be used to disseminate information that is subject to strict conditions in the conventional advertising world. The Posts make topics personal – if the content is right.

A picture says more than a thousand words, but a wrongly chosen word can turn a post, an announcement or an evaluation into a trendsetter in an unwanted way. The best example is “Covfefe“. The nonsense term coined by President Trump, which almost caused the Internet to collapse in 2017, has several entries with possible interpretations in the Urban Dictionary, cabaret artist Randy Rainbow has dedicated a song to it, and even conspiracy theories about secret meanings of “Cofveve” buzz around in virtual space.

The fact that the simplest explanation is a typo by the tweet-happy, but not necessarily spelling-savvy president, does not detract from the hype surrounding the word creation.

For companies that want to inform about their offers or want to draw attention to innovations, the old motto “There is no such thing as bad advertising” does not apply in such cases. Typos, wrong information or simply a misinterpretation of German words can make a contribution to the mockery. The correctly chosen words, on the other hand, increase the chances of success, no matter what language they are written in. More UK casinos you can find here.