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Welcome to UK School of English where we strive for educational excellence.

Robert Gallagher is a professional language educator and founder of the site. Robert wanted to create a space where both students and educators could feel at home and find some valuable content. There is no coincidence in our mission statement, ‘We Strive for Educational Excellence’.

Robert is joined by a team of fellow linguistic specialists, educators and learners all sharing the same dream; to make education accessible to anyone willing to learn a new language. The site has grown in popularity, and we now boast a global membership.

When you join our community, you can expect:

Great Tools

We share some great tools and resources that will help you on your learning journey. Be sure to check in regularly as we always try to add the latest and greatest learning and language tools out there.

Handy Guides

You’ll get access to some great tips, advice and guides on how to study and ace your exams, schools to join and more. We’ll make sure you’ve got the help and guidance you need.

Career Advice

Part of education is empowering students to reach their potential and get a great job. We’ll share some great career advice including tips on how to deal with interviews, find a job and so much more.

Be sure to contact us if you would like to chat or if you have some feedback about the content on our site.