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7 good reasons to learn English

Why learn English? To even ask this question is almost absurd in our globalised world. Because the English language has become an integral part of both private and professional life. But if you only learn English out of a pure sense of duty, then this is not very motivating and also a bit sad: Because there are actually many good, not to say better, reasons for learning English. We have collected some for you here – then you can learn with motivation!

1. 330 million reasons why learning English is worthwhile

English is spoken in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This means that the language has about 330 million native speakers.

2. English as lingua franca

If you are not yet convinced by the many native speakers, then English is also a secondary language in over 50 other countries and has up to 1.5 billion second speakers, depending on estimates. And even in countries where English is not an official second language, you can probably get ahead with English if other languages have already let you down – whether it’s on vacation, at work in an international company or just reading manuals.

3. enjoy original media

Most of today’s films and songs are produced in which language? In English, of course! If you now think to yourself: “Why learn English? The films and books are all translated”, then I can only answer: “You’re right, but” – and here comes a very fat but – you will appreciate the acting performances much more in the original! In the German versions of films you are dubbed away a lot. And also from books numerous puns are translated out due to linguistic restrictions. Music, film and literature lovers have as many good reasons to learn English as there are good songs, films, books and poems! you need the learn english to be at Betbright. For more details read this Betbright review.

4. no more boring learning materials

Besides, the dominance of the English-speaking media world means that you have an almost unlimited choice of learning materials: Films and series, music, (audio) books, apps, instructions for use, information brochures in museums, shampoo bottles… Actually, it is difficult to find something printed or printed on which no English word can be read; or a device that cannot be converted to English.

5. right up front technically

English is also the language of technology and the Internet (where you can also find very good learning materials). If you speak English, you’ll be at the forefront of technical innovation.

6. better job prospects

Taking all these factors into account, it is almost superfluous to say that English also helps you to have better job prospects. However, for the sake of completeness, you can work with English in almost all countries today, and as the technology and start-up industry is dominated by the English language, many new exciting professions are open to you – and you will by no means be limited to these professions.
Seventh. Easy!

Last but not least: English has a simple grammar, which saves you from having to many conjugation and declination tables. In addition, English and German share Germanic roots, which makes the basic vocabulary very similar.