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7 good reasons to learn English

Why learn English? To even ask this question is almost absurd in our globalised world. Because the English language has become an integral part of both private and professional life. But if you only learn English out of a pure sense of duty, then this is not very motivating and also a bit sad: Because there are actually many good, not to say better, reasons for learning English. We have collected some for you here – then you can learn with motivation!

1. 330 million reasons why learning English is worthwhile

English is spoken in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This means that the language has about 330 million native speakers.

2. English as lingua franca

If you are not yet convinced by the many native speakers, then English is also a secondary language in over 50 other countries and has up to 1.5 billion second speakers, depending on estimates. And even in countries where English is not an official second language, you can probably get ahead with English if other languages have already let you down – whether it’s on vacation, at work in an international company or just reading manuals.

3. enjoy original media

Most of today’s films and songs are produced in which language? In English, of course! If you now think to yourself: “Why learn English? The films and books are all translated”, then I can only answer: “You’re right, but” – and here comes a very fat but – you will appreciate the acting performances much more in the original! In the German versions of films you are dubbed away a lot. And also from books numerous puns are translated out due to linguistic restrictions. Music, film and literature lovers have as many good reasons to learn English as there are good songs, films, books and poems! you need the learn english to be at Betbright. For more details read this Betbright review.

4. no more boring learning materials

Besides, the dominance of the English-speaking media world means that you have an almost unlimited choice of learning materials: Films and series, music, (audio) books, apps, instructions for use, information brochures in museums, shampoo bottles… Actually, it is difficult to find something printed or printed on which no English word can be read; or a device that cannot be converted to English.

5. right up front technically

English is also the language of technology and the Internet (where you can also find very good learning materials). If you speak English, you’ll be at the forefront of technical innovation.

6. better job prospects

Taking all these factors into account, it is almost superfluous to say that English also helps you to have better job prospects. However, for the sake of completeness, you can work with English in almost all countries today, and as the technology and start-up industry is dominated by the English language, many new exciting professions are open to you – and you will by no means be limited to these professions.
Seventh. Easy!

Last but not least: English has a simple grammar, which saves you from having to many conjugation and declination tables. In addition, English and German share Germanic roots, which makes the basic vocabulary very similar.

What makes learning English so difficult?

Like German, English uses the Latin alphabet. English and German are Germanic languages and therefore related to each other. Many English words are very similar to German words (e.g. hand – hand, minute – minute).

So why is it still so difficult to learn English?

Unlike German, English has irregular spelling. In the following example, the self-voice “a” is always pronounced the same in German, but always different in English:

In British English there are 20 different self sounds, but only 7 letters: “a”, “e”, “i”, “o” and “u”, “y” and “w”. Therefore the same letter sequence can be pronounced differently in different words (heat, heart, earth, ear, bear, bread, beautiful). In return, sometimes the same sound is written differently (a long[i:] in marine, brief, mean, street, complete, receive, key).

In summary it can be said that in English only about 10% of words can be read as they are written (e.g. dog[d o g] dog). In many words, there are only a few letters that are read as written. Thus only about 40% of the letters of an English text can be read as written. Unlike German, whose spelling contains many bindingly valid rules, English has many regularities with many exceptions.


The 5 most important reasons to learn English!

Teachers and parents all over the world are telling their children that it is “very important to learn English”. Does that look familiar?

But although they explain to us long and wide why English is so important, it is sometimes difficult to understand these reasons.
So, for those who are still considering whether it is worth investing their hard-earned money in an English course – here are the 5 most important reasons why you should learn English.
If you want to know how English can change your life, just read on…

1. for travelling

Whether you like it or not, English is the most important language of the world. This means that travelling without English makes your life much more complicated.

Airports, roads and trains are labeled in English almost everywhere. And not to forget the people: Hotel staff, information centre staff and the general public must speak a little English. But most likely none of them are native speakers. That is the hard reality.

You like to travel? Then you should first polish up your language skills with an English course.

2. for work

You probably want to make a career, don’t you? Of course, we all do.
Mastering a foreign language will definitely help you. And since English is the most important world language, it becomes difficult to do business with international companies or tourists if you do not speak or understand it. For almost all companies, your value increases if you are fluent in English at a good level.

3. for scientific studies

About 80% of all scientific studies in the world are published in English. British and American universities are generally regarded as the best in the world. This is precisely why researchers from many other countries who are making groundbreaking technological, scientific or theoretical progress tend to publish their work in the UK or the US.
So if you want to get the most out of your scientific studies, you need a good command of English.

At Eurocentres we offer English courses to prepare you for the popular IELTS exam. Achieving a high score in this exam helps you to study at the best English-speaking universities in the world.

4 For the Internet

Most of the Internet is in English. So if you are thinking about creating a website for your company or just enjoy surfing the Internet and social media, English will help you.

5. for memory

In addition to the practical benefits mentioned above, learning a foreign language also stimulates the brain. It uses areas of the brain that would otherwise have remained inactive. It requires patience, memory, analytical and social skills – skills that can also be useful in other areas of your life. And don’t forget: learning a foreign language can also be a lot of fun!
Especially if you take an English course at Eurocentres and study with an international class and an excellent, friendly teacher who will support you in your learning process.

Now do you understand why deepening your English makes your life so much better?

If you would like to experience these advantages and enjoy learning a foreign language, then book an English course with Eurocentres today and join all our satisfied students.

Change your life today!


The range of English courses for adults is very diverse

Due to the wide range of offers, the options can become very confusing, which makes the search for the right language course in England more difficult for adults. Take advantage of our advice and benefit from this wide range of services. We choose the perfect course for you, no matter if you want to improve your English privately or if you are looking for a Business English language course.

Most language courses take place on an ongoing basis, which means that you can start at any time of the week. All schools test your language level on site and assess which course level is best suited for you. We pay attention to a balanced mix of nationalities – because neither many German native speakers should dominate at school, nor is it good for the learning climate if there are disproportionately large groups with a different mother tongue at school. The aim of an English language course in England for adults is a holistic learning experience – this is the great advantage of English courses in Great Britain, the country of origin of the language.

In addition to lessons at the language school, you can also improve your language skills in the leisure program or with your host family. Ideally you speak and hear English all day long and make the language an everyday tool that you simply use without fear – and feel comfortable at the same time. Language courses start as early as one week, but a stay of at least two or three weeks is recommended, because then the learning success is significantly greater.

Many language schools offer discounts for longer stays or in the low season outside the summer. Take a look at our current offers for a language course in England for adults or simply contact us!

We can also offer English language courses combined with a rich cultural leisure programme for adults over 50 who wish to have an audience of their own age. Learn more about our English 50+ program.

With our advice you will find the language course in England for adults that suits your wishes! offers language courses in England  offers you professional and individual advice on language courses in England, Scotland and Ireland – and that with more than 20 years of experience.

We have visited over 200 English language schools and can offer you the best English language courses in England, Scotland or Ireland to suit your individual needs. In addition, we advise you independently and free of charge.

Whether you are looking for an adult language course, a language test, for example a Cambridge Certificate such as FCE, CAE or CPE, an IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT test for study or simply looking for a general English language course, we have the right proposals for you. We can also arrange courses for business English or educational leave. If you also want to use your language trip to relax, we have language schools with afternoon programs to take a deep breath and courses for those who still want to learn English at an advanced age:

  • Language travel England (Scotland or Ireland): English plus nature and hiking
  • Language travel England (or Ireland): English plus art and culture
  • Language travel England (or Ireland): English plus Wellness
  • Language travel England (or Ireland): 50+ and seniors

In addition, we offer advice on language courses for children and young people on holiday. Our popular offers include sports programs such as golf, horseback riding or football as well as high school preparation courses. There is the option of accommodation with a host family or in a boarding school. Not only if you are looking for a short language course for your child in England, Scotland or Ireland, but also if you would like to send your child to a British boarding school for a longer period of time, we can advise you.

We offer you security in the confusing language travel market and are available as your contact partner for the entire time from planning your language trip to your stay. Contact us simply and without obligation – we are there for you!


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Russia Searching for Momentum Ahead of the World Cup

The build up to the 2018 World Cup continues this week as the competing nations prepare themselves for the biggest tournament on the planet.  This week, hosts Russia aim to build some momentum ahead of the event as they play Turkey in a friendly match at the Luzhniki Stadium on Tuesday night.

This match may be labelled officially as a friendly game but for the Russian players, it means much more than that as they look to give their fans some confidence ahead of the World Cup.  Turkey are using this game to prepare for the upcoming UEFA Nations League and Euro 2020 qualifying campaign.

Russia Form

Russia have been forced to play a number of friendly matches in the build up to the 2018 World Cup as they are hosting the tournament.  However, form has not been good in recent games and Russia have failed to win any of their last 6 friendly matches.

Following the 1-1 draw with Iran back in October 2017, Russia have lost to Argentina, Brazil, France and Austria.  The only positive result of any note was the 3-3 draw at home with Spain but that was back in November.

Since then, Russia have lost at home to Brazil and France plus suffered a 1-0 reverse in Austria.  Other than the match against Spain, scoring goals has been a problem for Russia and they have found the back of the net just once in their last 3 games.

Turkey Form

Turkey were drawn in a tough World Cup qualifying group and finished in fourth place behind Iceland, Croatia and Ukraine.  The 3-0 home defeat against Iceland towards the end of the campaign was a killer blow and Turkey ended the group with a 2-2 draw in Finland.

Since then, Turkey have played 6 friendly games, losing the first two against Romania and Albania but have come into a bit of form in recent matches.

In their last 4 friendly games, Turkey have defeated Republic of Ireland and Iran plus finished level with Montenegro and Tunisia.  Therefore, Turkey will be coming in to this match feeling a little better about themselves and the team is in better form.

In contrast to their opponents, Turkey have been scoring goals and have netted twice in each of their last 3 games.

Team News

Russia will look to freshen things up following the defeat against Austria and that could mean starts for Alan Dzagoev, Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dzyuba.  However, this is Stanislav Cherchesov’s last chance to settle on his starting XI for the World Cup.

Turkey could also make some changes following their last match against Tunisia and Yunus Malli, Oguzhan Ozyakup and Berkay Ozcan could all come into the starting XI.

Top Betting Tips

This is the final chance for Russia to get back to winning ways before the start of the World Cup but Turkey are in decent form coming into this match.  It would be a surprise to see Russia go down in the match ahead of the tournament but they are struggling to win matches.  The draw is available at 2/1 with Betbright.

Turkey have been scoring goals in recent games and will be aiming to keep up their good attacking play.  Therefore, if Russia are to get something from the game they will most likely need to score themselves.  The draw and both teams to score is 18/5 at William Hill. For more sites follow this link.

If Russia are to score, the goal is most likely to come from striker, Fyodor Smolov.  The Krasnodar man appears to be first choice in attack and can be backed at 7/2 with Ladbrokes to get the first goal of the match. The UK’s Best Free Bet Offers you can find here.

Paddy Power – Championship Playoff Final Offer

The Champions League Final is not the only huge football match taking place on Saturday and we’ve got the small matter of the Championship Playoff Final between Aston Villa and Fulham to look forward to first. Promotion to the Premier League is said to be worth around £200m to the winner and both sets of fans will be believing that their side deserves to be there. Neither of these two teams have ever achieved promotion to the Premier League through the playoffs and both have plenty of Premier League experience. It is only nine years since Aston Villa finished in 6th place in the top flight and looked like a side capable of becoming one of the top teams in the land.

These two sides play with contrasting styles as the attacking verve of Fulham takes on the defensive resilience of Aston Villa. Former England captain, John Terry, has been a rock at the heart of the Aston Villa defence and goalkeeper, Sam Johnstone, on loan from Manchester United, has kept a league high 22 clean sheets this season. On Saturday, they will be seeking to repel the threat posed by 18-year-old wonder kid, Ryan Sessegnon, who has found the net 16 times this season from either left back or left wing.

Paddy Power are running an interesting offer for new and existing customers to take advantage of. They are offering a free £10 Multi Bet to all customers who place a £10 Multi Bet before the match. To get involved, place a Same Game Multi on the Championship Play-Off Final and get a matched free bet on the same game. The only real consideration is that your bet must contain three of more legs. This is a really simple offer to get involved with and gives you the chance to gain a free £10 bet.

If you’ve never used the Same Game Multi function on Paddy Power before, all you need to do is simply add multiple selections from any tab to create a bet. Open the betslip, enter your stake in the Same Game Multi section and place your bet. Available markets for the game can be seen under the Same Game Multi tab.

If you were thinking about placing a bet on the Playoff Final, then this could well be an offer worth your consideration!

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